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Terms & Conditions

BeBrit ltd, private education advisors acts as double representative:

  • we act as school representatives with authority to make and change reservations and process the payments on behalf of the school;
  • we act as client representatives with authority to postpone the course, change dates, claim and process the refund in case of visa refusal confirmed in writing.

We also provide additional services such as:

  • accompaniment services on trips to schools and recreational trips on school breaks and weekends;
  • individual airport transfers to and from accommodation with variety of vehicles and modes of transport.


  1. All language course and accommodation bookings must be 100% prepaid to our account two weeks after the invoice has been issued. For language courses the exceptions are for the courses run by charitable organisations, such as boarding schools. These bookings may be prepaid by deposit in advance and full fees one month prior to the course start and these are paid straight to the school account.
  2. All tuition and accommodation fees for charitable organisations (boarding schools, colleges and universities) are paid into relevant bank accounts according to payments schedule issues to each student. We cannot hold responsibility for payments made not to our account.
  3. The client is responsible for all bank commissions and exchange rates. All the payments must reach UK bank account in British Pounds.
  4. Conditions of refund are specific to each school and course. Generally, there is a penalty one month, two weeks and one week prior to the course date if the student wishes to withdraw. However, with more than 300 courses available, we provide specific cancellation and penalty deadlines for each course with the invoice and urge clients to read them thoroughly and accept by making the payment.
  5. Our direct services refundable with penalty of 20% two weeks before the date of the service: airport transfers, accompaniment services and paid consultations. Pre-booked train tickets and air tickets for the purpose of meeting the client are non-refundable.
  6. Bank commission for refunds is charged as “paid by receiving party”. The total refund with except of non-refundable services is paid back within 10 working days from client’s request. This does not include time for the bank to process the payment. The refunds are paid in British Pounds. We cannot hold any responsibility for exchange rate changes to the currency of your account, cross-currency rates and any bank charges, commission and taxes arising from exchange to the currency of your account.