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Boarding schools

Sixth Form Colleges

There are approximately 70 private sixth form colleges in the UK, mostly covering the age range 14 to 20. Most of them started by teaching A Levels, but now the majority also teach GCSEs for pupils who enter at 14 or 15. For the 16+ ages, colleges have also added Foundation Programmes, International Baccalaureate or the Pre-U.

Requirements:  Most sixth form colleges are far more flexible on admissions than schools. You will be likely to get in with C grades at GCSE whereas schools tend to want As or Bs.

Colleges like: Mander Portman Wooward – London, Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College

Senior Schools

There are approximately 1500 independent senior schools in the UK, covering the age ranges 11 or 13 to 18.

It tends to be the heritage boarding schools which start at 13. Senior schools can be day only, flexi boarding, weekly boarding and full boarding only. The majority (but not all) will have a 6th form catering for 16+ age groups.

Although most senior schools have a sixth form, they are not to be confused with private sixth form colleges which cater just for the older ages.

Requirements: Most senior schools are selective i.e. there are admissions tests. The usual entry points to senior schools are 11, 13 or 16.

Schools like: King’s College, St Paul’s School.

Prep Schools

Prep schools generally cover the age range from 7-11 or 7-13. The pre-prep years are usually from 3 to 7. Some prep schools are attached to their own senior schools where children will be able to attend until the age of 18, in which cases they are called an “all-through”, but they are still covered here.

Requirements: Please get in touch for specifics

Schools like: Dulwich Prep London, Eaton House The Manor

IB Schools

There are approximately 80 UK private schools offering the International Baccalaureate. However, nearly 90% of this group only offer the IB Diploma Programme for 16+ students.

Requirements: Please get in touch for specifics

Schools like: MPW, DLD – London

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